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Burr shapes and their applications

With our focus clearly aimed at reducing customers costs Grinding Solutions provides high performance PFERD tungsten carbide burrs that can virtually cover all grinding applications on hard and soft metal.

The outstanding quality, long tool life and excellent stock removal performance means PFERD’s carbide burrs deliver excellent results.

Browsing the PFERD Catalogue you can easily view and select the correct burr shape among the 12 shapes available in the range, and the specific cut types.

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Ordering example: TC burrs

EAN 4007220045176

ZYAS 1225 6 Z3 PLUS

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Explanation of the description

➊ Shape

➋ Only for cylindrical shape with end cut

➌ Burr diameter x cut length d1 x l2 [mm]

➍ Shank diameter d2 [mm]

➎ Cut