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They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch but for the time being users of abrasives for cutting and grinding work can feast on the offer of free discs – enabling metalworkers to try before they buy.

Grinding Solutions will send you their best-selling fibre and slitting discs from the PFERD stable of abrasives to try. All we ask in return is your feedback.

Ceramic oxide fibre discs from German abrasives manufacturer PFERD have become a firm favourite in the industrial arena and are designed to make any application from weld seams to deburring and coarse to fine grinding easier. They combine high stock removal with increased productivity, giving substantial savings on labour costs – while offering up to three times the life over other grains such as aluminium oxide and zirconia.

Effective with both stainless steel and mild steel, ceramic oxide discs are also the abrasive of choice for removing mill and casting scale.

Grinding Solutions will send you a 115mm diameter disc in 50 grit, plus a 115mm cutting disc with a 1.6mm width that has been developed around the demanding requirements of long tool life and fast cutting performance. Designed for cutting solid mild steel, excellent results are achieved on stainless steel too – and just as important there’s reduced heat build-up during cutting and with minimum burr.
The importance of stainless steel material is continually growing. When cutting sheet metal and profiles, excessive thermal loads must be avoided to prevent thermal distortion and subsequent corrosion.

Achieving that ideal cut – smooth ends without any scorching and clean edges can sometimes be frustrating. Rated at 13,300rpm the continuous free-cutting action of the PSF Inox cut-off wheel reduces friction in the cut.

Chris Crouch of Grinding Solutions, a major distributor of PFERD products, based near Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire says the offer is a great risk-free opportunity for companies to experience high-performing abrasive products …products that are a reflection too of the quality intrinsic to PFERD’s identity.

So, if the thought of that whets your appetite and you want to take up Grinding Solutions on their free test discs offer simply call us on 01664 434 897 or email

And remember, we also have the finest selection of carbide burrs, mounted points, files, industrial power brushes and power tools for a wealth of jobs, typically in steel fabrication, polishing shops, sheet steel assembly, kitchen equipment fabrication and stainless balustrade finishing. So professional users can all benefit from the extensive range of tools on offer from the best …now that is food for thought.

Grinding Solutions look forward to hearing from you.

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